"Sorry taken and robbed from Scootrotica, many thanks for tonydevon for singing our praises, thanks Mark and team Im new to the whole world of scooters and as such have no experience of scooter shops or parts dealers etc so.. fed up with losing out on bits via ebay, and all parts being too far away from me to make collection an option, I decide to look online at this point I found the MB website, it worked :) makes a change to the bike ones Im used to, and the legshields I wanted were on sale even better was the fact that carriage was included, now this was looking even better so buttons clicked and things pressed. then to top all the greatness they turn up the next day, packed well enough to have protected a faberge egg. a big public thank you, its certainly not the last time you will be getting money from me. I hope that this doesnt break any forum rules, i did take a browse to see if there was any forum sponsors notes etc. coming from the custom bike world I am very used to waiting forever for things, usually very well overpriced, arriving late or damaged, and people on the phone that dont give a toss. "
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