Lambretta Gasket, cylinder base packing (packer) plate, large block, 4.0mm, MB


4mm 200/225/230/240/250 large block cylinder packing plate / cylinder base gasket.

Made from stronger alloy and designed by Mark Broadhurst as a more reliable replacement to a standard type fibre gasket.

Larger surface area to suit all known large block cylinders with standard or large transfer areas.

Comes with standard transfer cutouts but can be easily opened to suit your cylinder.

£ 13.20
Price: £ 11.00 Ex Vat


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Isaac on 30 Jul 2017 asked "hi im fitting a ts1 with 60/100mm. i tried a 3mm packer with 1mm gasket and it did not have enough clearance. what packer do you suggest."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Usually to get port timings about right you would start with a 2 or a 2.5mm packer then choose a head gasket to get the correct squish clearance, try a 1.5 - 2.5 head gasket. And sometimes your head need machining with a recess

Richard D on 20 Jan 2011 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder packing plate 200-225, 4.00mm, MRB Hi Mark I have a 58mm race crank with a 116 con rod I want to temporary fit a standardish 200 barrell what packing plates are needed. Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The difference between a standard rod and TV rod is 9mm, so 4 + 4 + 1mm and seal them with silicone or make one. We do not keep these any more, you will also need our longer studs MRB0328K

Siegi on 24 Mar 2010 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder packing plate 200-225, 4.00mm, MRB": Is the 4mm packing plate also available for 150 casings- Imola kit? lg siegi"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry at the moment no.

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