Lambretta Electronic ignition kit, DC, Gp (flywheel, stator, Red CDI, rect) bgm

OEM: BGM220900KT

The only full 12 Volt DC Electronic ignition on the market

Comes with

  • BGM GP flywheel
  • BGM 12 volt DC Electronic stator V4
  • BGM Red CDI coil
  • BGM Rectifier

Please take the time to check the taper on your crankshaft to make sure you are ordering the correct flywheel.

£ 321.77
Price: £ 268.14 Ex Vat

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Anthony on 26 Jan 2018 asked "Hi, Can you confirm the weight of the flywheel ie is it the lightened 2kg version? Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Flywheel weight on these are 2kg

Rob on 29 May 2015 asked "Hi I am interested in this setup but run a SIP electronic speedo/rev counter this uses the pulses from the lighting circuit if i go DC will the rev counter work?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You need to run the wire to one of the Yellows from the stator plate before the rectifier.

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