Lambretta Electronic ignition flywheel, Tv, Li, Sx, bgm

OEM: BGM210901

New for 2013 and the final piece to the jig saw for the ultimate Lambretta ignition.

This is the new BGM Li, Tv, Sx thinner tapered flywheel - no more rivets or screwed in magnets.

One piece construction, made in Germany, weighing in at 2 kilos for an all round road use.

Comes with the added benefit of timing marks on the flywheel.

Works with all Lambretta electronic stator plates.

Fitting instructions are here

Please take the time to check the taper on your crankshaft to make sure you are ordering the correct flywheel.

Note that the image of the flywheel holding tool is there for illustration purposes only, it is not included with the flywheel.

£ 181.85
Price: £ 151.54 Ex Vat

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Always strobe the ignition at 3000 rpm to stabilise the firing point and set timing from there.

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5 star 1. Keith 09 Oct 2015 

fantastic quality , great fit , a must have

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Simon on 21 May 2019 asked "Is the flywheel nut built into this doing away with the nut and washer or do you still have to use them to tighten flywheel"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes you will still need your Flywheel nut and washer

Robert g on 28 Nov 2013 asked "hi, interested in the flywheel, though not too sure, what one to buy? as my li sers 3 has electronic ignition, would I need the GP flywheel? cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They make Li and GP type electronic flywheels, you need to find out which one you have already, ideally you need to change to a GP type crank first and go Gp stronger in the long run

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