Lambretta Rear shock absorber (shocker, damper) spacer washer for bgm rear shockers, MB


This special stainless steel washer was designed by Mark Broadhurst to work with BGM and other shockers.

It fits over the frame when the shocker sleeve is shorter than the shaft.

Also useful when aftermarket rear mudguards are used that can be slightly wider than standard, and these spacer washers are used top and bottom to space out the rear shocker from the rear mudguard.

£ 2.03
Price: £ 1.69 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Dave s 17 Jul 2011 

Brilliant product-absolutely brilliant for all of us ride it, break it, put in spare motor,you get the picture -up till now required bodging if like me you are an owner of servetas superior[contravercial] lambretta, I can now put in any rear shock.-no hesitation 5 stars

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