Lambretta Tyre, valve extender, straight for using on SIP tubeless rims


Valve extender, straight for using on SIP rims

Some air line gauges struggle to fit the valves on a SIP/AF tubeless wheel.

This simple little extension screws on, extends the standard valve so all air lines fit, add air and remove the extender and save somewhere safe for next time.

PLEASE NOTE : Always remove the valve extender tool once air has been added to your tyre, if left in position, and the wheel ran, can result in the SIP valve being damaged permanently.

£ 4.38
Price: £ 3.65 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Mike 25 Oct 2019 

Great tool to have!


5 star 2. Paul M 02 Feb 2015 

Always sceptipal about claims made by companies,but this is just great even makes the fit for a foot pump loads better for home use.


5 star 3. Alan w 24 Jan 2016 

Good product BUT will not work with latest batch of AF tubeless rims with the incorrectly seated valves. These require an angled valve extender.


5 star 4. Lee t 06 Apr 2020 

A good quality product and a good bit of kit to have in your tool box .The service was quick

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Jon S on 09 Aug 2015 asked "Hi Can you still get the correct tyre pressure on the gauge with this attached to the rims valve"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes you should no ones complained

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