Heidenau, K80SR, 100/90:10


Scooter Fitment …. Lambretta – Vespa – Automatic

Speed Rating …. M 81mph

Load Rating …. 59 243kg 

Racing Compound …. N/A

Road Compound …. Soft - Medium 

Riding Application …. Urban - Touring - Sports 

Tube or Tubeless …. Tubeless and Tube

Reinforced …. Yes 

Side Wall …. Black Wall

What MB says .... Probably one of the best tyres on the market for Scooters, beautiful sport working tread pattern, grippy in all conditions and long lasting - add to the fact it has the strongest thickest side wall its an ideal safety tyre if you have a puncture. Used and recommended by Mark Broadhurst, Rob Miller and Paul Richardson who have all won the coast to coast race and know how to push their Scooters to the limit. Always use a 100:90 on the rear

£ 48.78
Price: £ 40.65 Ex Vat


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